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At attend2IT we take pride in being able to rise to any challenge you set us. Check out some of the products we have created below, or ask us about any ideas you have. Whether they are networking, electronic, or Virtual Reality, to complex phone systems, wireless game systems or live streaming from 10 moving tractors simultaniously, we can help.

WiFi Game Buzzers

A client came to us asking for a game buzzer system. The buzzers needed to be largely wire free, support 2 teams of 5, and light up, project onto a large screen, and play a sound when pressed. We used the latest Internet of Things microprocessors connected to large light up buttons to create a fleet of buzzers that can be configured on the fly, and connect to a laptop "brain" over WiFi. The display outputs over a web browser and is highly configurable.

Streaming Crop Sprayers

We were asked if we could wirelesly stream live footage from 3 cameras on each of 10 crop sprayers, switched in a live environment and published to both a large screen and streamed live to youtube. We placed 3 IP cameras on each sprayer, connected to a high gain antenna mounted high on each sprayer. These transmitted to 2 WiFi access points located on the edge of the 20 achre field.


After being approched by a client wishing to archive footage of a popular London show for playback using a VR system, we put together a VR system that films in 4K and outputs ready for playback in Google Cardboard or the Occulus Rift.


To celebrate the arrival of Sky Movies on demand via Sky Go BSkyB chartered a train to travel from Euston to Birmingham. Attend2IT where tasked with the provision of a wireless network connected to the internet to power 20 iPads streaming high definition content from Sky Go servers whilst the train was moving!

You Project here...

If you have a unique project you would like us to create for your event, give us a call.