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Event wi-fi

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We have been providing high quality Wi-Fi services for the events industry for over 8 years. From a reliable connection for a photo booth at a social event to 20,000+ visitors at an outdoor greenfield event, we have built a fabulous track record with a solid reputation.


What sets us apart from the rest is we plan for the worst and put every possible contingency in place. Every backup is backed up. We know the show must go on no matter what, and our proactive approach ensures that it does.


With close links to the industry’s leading Wi-Fi manufacturer (Ruckus Big Dogs) we ensure all the kit we use is up to the job - Wi-Fi doesn’t scale well unless you use the correct equipment. All core components are backed up (N+1).


All our networks can be secured and made PCI compliant where necessary. Encryption and secure servers are used where appropriate, We are also registered with the ICO for compliance.


Wi-Fi doesn’t scale well unless you use the right equipment with the expertise to back this up - we have repeatedly deployed large scale networks for 20,000+ visitors across 70+ hectare sites. We have unique relationships with ISPs to provide reliable short term and high speed internet.


Monetise your Wi-Fi. Paid guest Wi-Fi is a good way to make some revenue. We can also handle exhibitor bookings, allowing you to recoup your costs.


Facebook Check-in for Wi-Fi and Tweet for the internet can all be employed on our networks. This way users must check in to your event. This is visible on their feed and increases the visibility of your event.

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Whether you’re looking for wifi, a related service, or something entirely different, we’d love to hear from you.

Does your event present a unique challenge? Even better. We specialise in bespoke event IT solutions.


London / Milan Fashion Week

Now a regular fixture for Attend2IT we provide wireless distribution for our client in both Milan and Hyde Park. With 300 and 500 concurrent connections respectively in marquees; each holding less than twice that number, it is the density of the network that makes these jobs a challenge.

Backhaul is provided via Leased Fixed Wi-Fi and Leased Satellite to ensure the guests get the required bandwidth at all times of the day. Since we install as the crew rig an added bonus is that the crew get a reliable and stable connection during setup and can update any work schedule or amended video content quickly and easily.