Bonded 3G / 4G

Bonded 4G provides a reliable connection virtually anywhere.  From a moving boat or train; to a last minute requirement – where traditional methods aren’t viable, this is an excellent solution.

The Kit

We offer a truly superior solution with our bonded solution.  With high gain antennas to get the best out of any signal it can find, our solution uses multiple providers for best redundancy.

The system bonds (not load balance) across up to 4 SIM cards and a wired or wireless internet connection. Speeds of up to 100Mbps can be achieved, however we recommend 30Mbps to allow for the best reliability.

We also have single units.  These are much cheaper and for when reliability is not so important.  With high gain antennas and in built Wi-Fi they are perfect for small production offices, or for the early part of a build while you wait for the proper connection to arrive.

Multi SIM Solutions

  • 30Mbps Upload/30Mbps Download (upto 100Mbps available in some areas)
  • Contended Solution
  • Automated 3 minute deployment

Ideal For:

  • Quick setup
  • Last minute bookings
  • Moving or touring venues
  • Boats and Trains!
  • Broadcast and streaming Video
  • Production Internet
3g/4g Bonding

Single SIM Solutions

Much cheaper, but much slower.  This solution is normally only used on small offices or areas that are waiting for the proper internet connection to be installed (such as early days on a build).

Bonded 4g Internet Case Study

Sky Movies Express

To celebrate the arrival of Sky Movies on demand via Sky Go BSkyB chartered a train to travel from Euston to Birmingham.

attend2IT where tasked with the provision of a wireless network connected to the internet to power 20 iPads streaming high definition content from Sky Go servers whilst the train was moving!