Network Attached Storage (NAS)


Product Description

A network-attached storage (NAS) device is a data storage device that connects to and is accessed through a network, instead of connecting directly to a computer. The advantage’s of a NAS device is that it can be easily accessed by multiple people, multiple computers, mobile devices, or even remotely.

Our Hire stock of NAS are 10Gbps compatible with the ability to LAG 2 connections to increase the speed to 20Gbps. With 500GB M.2 Cache drives you can access the 32TB of Data from the 4 SSDs in super quick time!

  • 500GB of M.2 Cache
  • 20Gbps of connectivity
  • 4 Drives Running in Raid 5
  • 32TB of usable Drive Space
  • Networking and UPS also available
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