Absolute AVS – Cambridge

From one of our first jobs in 2009 the “Cambridge job” has always been one of the features of our diary.

Absolute AV call on the services of attend2IT to support the needs of one of their clients who require AV and IT services across the majority of the colleges in the city. Most of the the historic colleges are required to have fast connectivity, printers, support and WiFi for a large number of concurrent users during this conference week.

The same SSID is broadcast throughout Cambridge so that once a delegate is logged on they won’t need to again. It is often joked that during the week of the event you are able to walk from one end Cambridge to the other without dropping your WiFi connection, although we have yet to test this claim!

Where we can, we utilise the university network. Where we can’t we provide Leased lines via wireless point to point links from either our core network or other university buildings. Some smaller areas require load balanced ADSLs due to their locations and lower number of delegates.

  • 6Gbps of Bandwidth
  • 150+ Access Points Deployed
  • SSID handoff to over 5K Access Points
  • 3500 Concurrent connections throughout Cambridge

Everything in key areas runs with complete redundant backup to ensure maximum up time. Crew are also stationed in most buildings to be on standby to help with everything from changing paper in printers to repairing any issues identified with any of the networks. With 24 hour onsite support from the experienced network engineers who monitor and control the core network throughout the event and to support the crew stationed in the buildings

A large centrally located drop-in office is also built. This hub is available to delegates for long hours and provides the ability to access the internet, print, photocopy or make phone calls on one of the 40 phones to anywhere in the world in a quiet and comfortable environment built by Absolute AV.

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