Virtual Events

Why use our EventCaster Platform?

Our EventCaster Platform is reliable, secure and makes your next important event easy for you and your attendees.

With our voting platform, you can make key decisions within your organisation in near real time.

Host a professional event, with multiple speakers, scale up to 1000’s of attendees and a dedicated Project Manager with you throughout the whole process to ensure the success of the event.

We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. You just need to show up!

Our low latency streams ensure the time between the speaker communicating and the viewers listening is less than 5-6 seconds. Messages and interactions wont get jeopardised, creating the best experience possible.
Due to our software being developed in house, we can ensure the highest standards of security and privacy. This rules out any unexpected guests on the day. Your event and data will only be available to you.
Vote on key issue within your organisation. You can choose live voting or open voting before your event. Results are given in real time and you can choose who has access to vote. Voting reports are available post event.
You can use the platform to broadcast multiple speakers to your attendees. Our technology is highly scalable and can broadcast to 1000’s of attendees.

How it works and what is the process:

From the get go, you will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager. They will guide you through the whole process and ensure your event is a success.

At a time convenient for you, we can arrange a call. In this session your PM will run through the features of the EventCaster Platform. This will give you a sense of if the platform will be right for your event and which package you would like to use.

Next we need some information from you. We will send you a document to fill out, this will give us all the information we need to ensure your attendees know they are on the right site! This will also include a timeline for your event, including a rehearsal date.

Practise makes perfect! This is the chance for our experienced PMs to run through a rehearsal and make sure you know what to do on the day. Don’t worry, our PMs do all the hard work, you just need to be present.

All the preparation done leading up to your event will ensure the day goes to plan. There will be your dedicated PM and Event Technician from the EventCaster team to handle all the heavy lifting. They will be providing information and direction in real time.

You will have a debrief with your PM and we can supply any reporting you require from the event and get your feedback on the whole process.

For Your

Hybrid streaming AGMs

Typically there will be one main site with the largest audience (or most important presenters). This can be our data-centre (bridge) if you prefer for nobody to leave their homes.

  • Audience can vote live on the stream for key topics.
  • We can the record the whole output and live stream it to a larger global audience.
  • The audience can ask questions through the stream.
  • we can also overlay (or mix to) PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.

In our bid to become greener we are gradually updating our fleet. All eligible vehicles are either (U)LEV or Electric.  Our new fleet includes:

Other Service

‘’We used Attend2IT to deliver our first virtual AGM, followed by a virtual R&D presentation with audience Q&A session.  A small group of us were physically together at a venue and so an Attend2IT ‘film crew’ was required to manage this hybrid element.  Both events went well on the day, with the overall look being slick and professional.’’ – CIEL, CENTRE FOR INNOVATION EXCELLENCE IN LIVESTOCK

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