Fibre Splicing


We now offer fusion fibre splicing as one of our in-house services. Fibre splicing allows two fibre optic cables to be joined together, either to terminate a brand new fibre or to repair existing infrastructure.

Repair of an existing fibre in a building or on an events site can reduce install costs and times greatly.

The main benefit of using un-terminated fibre is to save on cost, buying fibre un-terminated is vastly cheaper and can be run to exact lengths before an install is finalised.

Fibre Optic Splicing Types

Fibre testing tool

The Process

Fibre splicing is the process of joining two fibre optic cables together. Fusion Splicing – Fusion splicing requires the use of a fibre fusion splicer which welds the two fibres together in a permanent connection.

Testing fibre

Fiber optic testers include tools and equipment to perform basic inspection and cleaning, basic troubleshooting and verification testers, certification testers, and advanced OTDR testers for troubleshooting and analysis of existing fiber optic cabling.

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