We pride ourselves on a reputation for constantly delivering a reliable, friendly and complete Event IT service including Event WiFi, Ticketing and Streaming. Working alongside AV companies, agencies, venues and end clients, we deliver a high-end service to both small and large shows alike.

Festival WiFi

Ticketing relies on WiFi to allow for late sales, to combat fraud and live reporting.  PDQs require the internet to process credit card payments and productions require connectivity to get their job done. Without a fast reliable connection your event could lose money in a number of ways.  95% of our work is temporary and 99% in the events industry. Our solutions are always backed up, and we know that the deadlines for an event opening cannot be changed. We know that every event is different and we will tailor our solutions for your event, not the other way around.

Exhibition WiFi

We can pay you to provide you with your WiFi!  We charge you for your infrastructure (for ticketing etc) and provide you with a link for your exhibitors.  We take the bookings and e-mail out the details to your clients as well as giving you a commission on any sales made and take them of your final bill.  We can provide a portal as part of the service to allow you to track orders and we can even add other trades to the portal to make a one stop shop for your exhibitors to book and manage their event.

IT Anywhere

From Event WiFi in an exhibition venue to ticketing in a field or even streaming on a moving train we can get you connected. Using a variety of technologies you’ll get a reliable, affordable and suitable connection from us. We have close links with all the major providers and resell a lot of the services.  This cuts out the middle man, giving you a better cost and more importantly reliability, if there is a problem we can get to those at the top and quickly.

Temporary EPoS and PDQ

Keeping track of payments and stock on temporary events can be difficult. New temp staff and a different layout each time requires a bespoke solution.  Our EPoS systems are designed only for the events industry and we can offer as simple or complex stock management and sales tracking as you require. Our PDQs don’t use the 3G network so wont suffer once the site is full of people and we are always onsite or the end of a phone to help you through any questions your team have once on site. Now that’s not something a regular EPoS system can offer!

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