Different Bespoke IT  Solutions!

At attend2IT we take pride in being able to rise to any challenge you set us. Bespoke products is very much what we do.  We have a large development team who work along side our operation staff to provide some truly unique solutions for events.

Speaker Timer

A speaker timer, a free tool provided to presenters at events, lets you know how much time is remaining in your speech and when you should start winding it up.
It’s as easy as selecting a room code on your laptop, which ranges from 000 to 999. Likewise, log into the same space on your presenters’ displays. The speech duration and wrap-up timings may then be customised. And a crystal-clear clock interface will be visible to the speaker.
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For APPs, we offer an End to End solution. We design and manufacture it for you once you tell us what you need it to perform. We are able to collaborate with a management and design team or operate alone. Our development team only works on Event IT projects, which gives us a unique perspective on the needs and expectations of the sector.


You may get a new website from our in-house development team or have your current one modified. We can create it from scratch using Angular, Javascript, and HTML. Do you prefer to stay current? WordPress or another CMS may be used to create your website, giving you the freedom to easily change it whenever you want.

Track visitors in real time, People counting

Crowd control is becoming a more complex aspect of event management and site management. The ability to visualize event traffic in real time allows you to respond to situations much faster than traditional tally counters or clickers.

Build or choose a template!

Game Show Buzzers

Our completely wireless game show buzzer systems allow for fun, interactive game shows incorporating projectors, web browsers, and sound and light cues, all linked to the latest Internet Of Things microprocessors. Large light-up buttons and a series of buzzers can be configured ‘on-the-fly’ to suit your game show needs. The output can be viewed in a web browser from anywhere in the world and are completely customisable.

Bizzabo / Hopin

Whilst we have our own platform we are regularly engaged to spruce up Virtual Websites.  Working alongside your design team we can add the edge to any Bizzabo, Hopin or similar site

Twitter walls

Twitter walls come in many shapes and sizes. Our walls feature an approval centre to make sure nothing untoward gets on the screens. We can offer bespoke designs for your branding and bring data from SMS, Twitter and Facebook.

To Bespoke Wifi

At attend2it we take pride in being able to rise to any challenge you set us. Bespoke products is very much what we do. We have a large development team who work along side our operation staff to provide some truly uique for events 

Bullet Proof Wifi

While our bulletproof WiFi installations are what we are most known for, we also provide a service that may make your product activation concept a reality. We like specialised communications difficulties, such as those posed by infrastructure on a moving train, cameras on farming equipment, time-lapse crop growth, and sophisticated buzzer systems. To deliver you a solution on time and within budget, we have extensive expertise in the event industry. Why not contact us right now to go through your needs?

The support that we provide

Supporting you throughout your journey with us is at the core of our business. Because of this, a committed project manager will be by your side at every turn. We’ll be right there by your side on that particular day. As an event planner, we recognise how busy you are. Let us take the reins at your entrance, and our team of business specialists will handle the rest. Additionally, your end customers will have the option to email you, or for the managed and customised solutions, we’ll take care of that for you as well.

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