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At attend2IT, we take immense pride in rising to any challenge you bring to our doorstep. The art of crafting bespoke products lies at the heart of our expertise. Our in-house development team works hand-in-hand with our operations staff, fostering a seamless collaboration that results in the delivery of truly distinctive solutions tailored for events.

While we’ve showcased some noteworthy examples of our previous work, we understand that each challenge is unique. Therefore, we invite you to share your specific ideas and requirements with us. Whether it’s overcoming technical intricacies, addressing specialized communication needs, or creating innovative solutions for your event, we are poised and ready to turn your vision into a reality. Your challenges fuel our passion, so don’t hesitate to reach out and let’s embark on this journey of turning your ideas into extraordinary experiences. Contact us today and let’s bring your event concept to life.

Bespoke  Software

Speaker Timer

A speaker timer, a free tool provided to presenters at events, lets you know how much time is remaining in your speech and when you should start winding it up.
It’s as easy as selecting a room code on your laptop, which ranges from 000 to 999. Likewise, log into the same space on your presenters’ displays. The speech duration and wrap-up timings may then be customised. And a crystal-clear clock interface will be visible to the speaker.
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Bizzabo and Hopin

Whilst we have our own virtual platform we often code on 3rd party ones as well. Our in-house development team can elevate your site to the next level.


You may get a new website from our in-house development team or have your current one modified. We can create it from scratch using Angular, Javascript, and HTML. Do you prefer to stay current? WordPress or another CMS may be used to create your website, giving you the freedom to easily change it whenever you want.

Bespoke Hardware

Game Show Buzzers

Our completely wireless game show buzzer systems allow for fun, interactive game shows incorporating projectors, web browsers, and sound and light cues, all linked to the latest Internet Of Things microprocessors. Large light-up buttons and a series of buzzers can be configured ‘on-the-fly’ to suit your game show needs. The output can be viewed in a web browser from anywhere in the world and are completely customisable.

People Counting

Our People Counting solutions are often modified to our clients requirements.   Need to score a DJ in a dance off? Decide which trade booth has the most movement on it? We can offer a bespoke solution so you can get the real time measurement you need.


Need a lighting desk to be controlled by a smart switch? We’ve got you covered. We’ve worked with Smartthings, Smartlife, Alexa, Hue and more to create some immersive experiences for our clients want to demo their IoT devices.

We provide Wi-Fi at almost every Possible location

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