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At attend2IT we take pride in being able to rise to any challenge you set us. Bespoke products is very much what we do.  We have a large development team who work along side our operation staff to provide some truly unique solutions for events.

We were asked if we could wirelessly stream live footage from multiple sets of three cameras installed on each of 10 crop sprayers, switched in a live environment and published to both a large screen and streamed live to YouTube. We placed 3 IP cameras on each sprayer, connected to a high-gain antenna mounted high on each sprayer. These transmitted to two Wi-Fi access points located on the edge of the 20-acre field.
To celebrate the arrival of Sky Movies on-demand via Sky Go, BSkyB chartered a train to travel from Euston to Birmingham. attend2IT, where tasked with the provision of a wireless network connected to the internet to power 20, iPads streaming high definition content from Sky Go servers whilst the train was moving!

Speaker Timer

Speaker timer is a free service offered to presenters at events that allows you to see how long left you have to speak, and when you need to start wrapping things up.

It’s as simple as picking a room code from 000-999 as an organiser on your laptop. And logging into the same room on your presenters display. Then you will be able to set the speech length, and wrap up times. And the presenter will be able to see a clear clock interface.

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Bizzabo / Hopin

Whilst we have our own platform we are regularly engaged to spruce up Virtual Websites.  Working alongside your design team we can add the edge to any Bizzabo, Hopin or similar site

We provide an End to End service for APPs.  You tell us what you need it to do and we design and make it for you.  We can work independently or along side a Management and design team.  Our development team only work on Event IT projects which makes us fairly unique in understanding the industries demands and expectations.

Game Show Buzzers

Our completely wireless game show buzzer systems allow for fun, interactive game shows incorporating projectors, web browsers, and sound and light cues, all linked to the latest Internet Of Things microprocessors. Large light-up buttons and a series of buzzers can be configured ‘on-the-fly’ to suit your game show needs. The output can be viewed in a web browser from anywhere in the world and are completely customisable.

Twitter walls come in many shapes and sizes. Our walls feature an approval centre to make sure nothing untoward gets on the screens. We can offer bespoke designs for your branding and bring data from SMS, Twitter and Facebook.

Our in-house development team can provide you a new website or adjust your existing one.  Using Angular, Javascript and HTML we can build it from scratch. Prefer to update yourself? Your website can be made using WordPress or CMS to give you the flexibility to update at your leisure with ease.

After being approached by a client wishing to archive footage of a popular London show for playback using a VR system, we put together a VR system that filmed in 4K and output ready for playback in Google Cardboard or the Oculus Rift. We have also used our low latency streaming and high end WiFi to simultaneously stream and full digitally created environment to 50 VR devices for a TV game show.

Whilst we are most known for our bullet proof WiFi installations, we offer a service that can turn your product activation idea into a reality.  From infrastructure on a moving train, cameras on farming equipment, to time-lapse crop growing and complex buzzer systems – we relish unique telecommunication challenges. We have vast experience in the event sector and depth of IT knowledge to provide you with a solution on-budget and on-time. Why not get in touch with us today to discuss your needs?

Connectivity is one of the key factors that tend to bind bespoke projects together. This normally comes in the form of event WiFi – one of our core services. We have a large fleet of access points and controllers as well as switches and UPSs. We offer a comprehensive range of services, so please do get in touch to discuss your needs.

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