Event Apps

Increasing engagement and participation at events can be a challenge. Our customisable, modular event app will not only increase interactivity, but will be a practical and useful tool for your delegates.

Event APP Messaging


Messaging gives your delegates the ability to instant message other delegates at your event, without having to share any personal contact detail. Delegates can choose recepiants from a list of attendees, and send messages directly to their device.

Event APP Personalised agendas

Personalised Agendas

Personalised agendas can be incredibly useful if you have breakout sessions for different people at different times. Each person receives their own agenda based on what they have signed up to, or been assigned.

Event APP voting

Real time voting and results

Voting is a great way to boost interactivity at an event or conference. Votes get pushed to the delegates app, so that what ever page they are on, they are notified that a vote is available. Results can be seen on a display machine, updating in real time

Event APP Biogs

Presenter Biogs

Presenter Biogs are an opportunity to introduce your delegates to your presenters, ahead of time, and during their presentation, offering a bit more in-depth detail about who they are, or what their qualifications are. This is also a great place to put their contact details.

Event APP Directory

Delegate Directory

If enabled, delegate directory allows the delegates to search for the contact details of any other delegate that has opted in to the list. By typing the name of the other delegate into the search box, will reveal their company, email address, and any other contact details they wish to share.

Event APP Video

Live / Pre-recorded video

Video content is traditionally difficult to share easily with delegates, normally confined to the event website, or displayed on large screens for everyone to see. The video module allows you to either stream content from your live seminars, or upload pre-recorded content for your delegates to watch at their leasure.

Event APP Notification

Push content to delegate devices

By pushing content to your delegates screens, you can highlight important information, putting it on the delegates own screen as and when its most useful. This is great for documents or images that need to be referenced during a presentation

Event APP Word cloud

Real time word clouds

Want to display the most talked about subjects at yor conference in an easy to read way? Word clouds can be automatically generated from questions, messages asked through the app, and texts and tweets send to event hashta

Event APP Transport.

Transport Information

Transport information pulls the latest information from a number of sources including information about tubes, trains, busses and traffic around London, meaning your delegates can plan their route home or get notified of any delays from the app before they leave the event.

Event Apps

Event Apps come in many flavors, cheap but unsupported and expensive and bespoke. attend2IT offer a new approach, buy adjusting our core app framework you can get an APP that feels bespoke but doesn’t cost it.

If you need a module that we don’t have then we can write it.  All our code is developed in-house by a team of developers based at our office in Hertfordshire so they are always available for advise and any changes required.

We can link the APP in with on-site WiFi (offering free WiFi to those who download and use the app).  We can link it to a users ticket or even use it to offer guided tours around the site. If we are already providing other services at your event then an App can normally be achieved with quite a low budget, so get in contact for a quote.


Birdfair WiFi

Event IT

Because attend2IT developer all our software and APPs in-house we have complete control over them.  For larger events you will have one of the key developers on-site.  We can also dovetail in our other services, Free WiFi for APP users, users location, traffic information, e-ticket and video of the event can all be added to a bespoke APP.

Once the infrastructure is deployed it becomes very easy (and therefore cheap) to bolt on another service to your event.

Event APP Case Study

Cereals - The Arable Event

Cereals is a large agricultural show held once a year and they commissioned us to make an app.  Fully featured with exhibitor listings, interactive map, schedules and more.