People counting


Location Services

Tech that can follow your customers around your site!

By using the probes that phones send out when they look for WiFi we can follow traffic around the site even if they aren’t using your WiFi. Accuracy depends on the amount of access points deployed but between 1 – 10 meter accuracy can be achieved.

Specific users can be picked out and followed in real time and at any point during of after the event you can see the flow of visitors through the site.

  • Heat Map
  • Unique Visitors
  • Dwell Times
  • Repeat Visitors

The system is cutting edge but has been used successfully at a number of events and is in use in quite a few retail outlets.


People Counting

Need to know how many people are onsite? Fire, health and safety regulations can require that an organiser needs to be aware of exactly how many people are onsite at any time.

We can install cameras that intelligently count people moving through site entrances and exits or in to key areas, this information can be viewed with our bespoke software which gives easy to read graphs showing not just current number of people but the rate at which they entered and left the site. This information is updated live through our organiser’s portal.