Venue/Conference  Wi-Fi Options

We can provide temporary Wi-Fi hotspots, phones, silent auction texting and event apps to complement your venue. Our strong Wi-Fi and phone offerings are typically the focus of our servicing of venues.

The three most common business models we provide are as follows:

You cover the cost of installation and then pay a monthly support fee. For larger events, we can then provide you with a quote to provide rental stock to increase the capacity and speed of your network on an ad-hoc basis.

Long term Rental

We install for a small fee and you pay a monthly fee to rent the equipment from. This can be increased as and when your events require it.


We can come in and work alongside (or separate to) your existing infra-structure for one-off events. All events will be fully supported. We can either bill you directly, or bill your customer and pay you commission on the rental.

Tv & Film Studios  Installs 

At attend2IT, we’re not your average WiFi setup crew. We partner up with top-notch venues, Studios and hotels to make sure guests get a kick-ass experience. What makes us different? Our constant support – we’re not just in it for the installation, we’re in it for the long haul.

We provide a wide selection of connectivity choices to meet the demands of your studio, ranging from 100Mbps lines to 10Gbps.
Enterprise-grade wireless can provide you with superb wireless coverage throughout your whole studio space.
We appreciate that moving into a new studio / production office can be time sensitive, so we pride ourselves on working as quickly as possible to get you online.

Case Studies

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