Event Wi-Fi

Temporary Internet Solutions

The biggest challenge can be connecting to the site. Depending on your event’s needs, budget, and timing, we have a wide range of options available.

Leased Lines

If we have the installation time and budget, we favour using leased line fibre for 10Gbps and 1Gbps connections.
Depending on the situation and the available time, we might use a low latency wireless connection to one of our closest POPs (Point of Presence). For connections ranging from 500Mb/s to 5Gbps, this can offer a speedy turnaround.
We have a large stock of Tooway and Starlink satellites. These provide leased services with high availability at lower prices. Starlink also delivers a significant reduction in connection latency, and both systems are easily deployable almost everywhere.
Not always suitable for the larger festivals, but still a strong solution.  We are Celerway resellers and they provide the most reliable connection and fastest speeds by load balancing across multiple networks.  We have a large stock of roaming sims that work regardless of which country you are in.

Distributing  Solutions

Once the internet is on site we need to distribute your connection to where it is needed.  This varies depending on the importance of the area and the speed required.


In the temporary world this can be the easiest to deploy.  We use 5Ghz, 60GHz, 70GHz and 80GHz links depending on distance, speed and reliability required.


For long cable runs only fibre will do.  We can run speeds of 10Gbps + along 5Km lengths of cable without a repeater.  That can be quite a bit of cable matting though!
For shorter runs we can run CAT5 copper. Cheap, quick to deploy and replace. We ensure all our copper is recycled if it can’t be used at the end of an event.
The last part of the distribution is almost always Wi-Fi to the end user. We are Ruckus Silver Partners and have a large stock of Wi-Fi 5 – Wi-Fi 7 access points we can deploy depending on need.

Onsite Solutions

Exhibitor Experience

Take advantage of our pre-event platform, which allows exhibitors to reserve your Event WiFi with a wide range of settings to suit their requirements. To make sure that you and your exhibitors have a hassle-free experience, we provide options in handling purchases, whether you want us to handle them directly or integrate them smoothly with your current solution.

Empower yourself with our Organiser Portal, putting you in complete control. This user-friendly platform provides a comprehensive overview of all the services we offer, enabling you to track crucial information such as which exhibitors have booked Wi-Fi, the number of people on-site, and their specific locations.

Additionally, real-time updates from on-site weather stations are seamlessly integrated into the portal, offering valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and ensure the smooth execution of your event. With our Organiser Portal, you have a centralized hub for managing and monitoring various aspects, enhancing your ability to orchestrate a successful and well-coordinated event.

Our system provides you with invaluable real-time insights into your audience’s location, dwell times, and visit frequency at different locations around the event site.

This dynamic data allows you to have a pulse on the audience’s behaviour, helping you make informed decisions on the fly. Moreover, we go a step further by compiling this data into a comprehensive post-event analysis, offering you a detailed and insightful overview of attendee engagement and movement patterns.

This information proves instrumental in refining future event strategies, ensuring you can optimize the attendee experience and overall event success.

If you need to accept payments at your trade stands, we provide the ideal answer. These services are easily arranged by exhibitors in addition to their Wi-Fi orders.

Our products include cutting-edge “true Wi-Fi” event PDQ devices that are built for quick and large-volume transactions, guaranteeing dependable and quick payment processing. This smooth connection improves the overall experience for event planners and exhibitors alike by streamlining and streamlining the management of transactions at trade displays.

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