Event WiFi

Event WiFi

attend2IT has been providing high-quality event WiFi services to the events industry for more than nine years. From a reliable connection for a photo booth at a social event to 20,000+ visitors at an outdoor greenfield event, we have built an impressive track record and a solid reputation. If you are planning a festival, show, exhibition, or any event where fast, reliable WiFi is needed, call our friendly team to discuss your needs in detail.


What sets us apart from the competition? We plan for the worst – and put every possible contingency in place. Every backup is backed up. We know the show must go on no matter what, and our proactive approach ensures that it does.


With close links to the industry’s leading WiFi systems manufacturer (we are a Ruckus Select Partner), we ensure all the kit we use is up to the job; WiFi doesn’t scale well unless you use the correct equipment. All core components are backed up (N+1).


All our networks can be secured and made PCI-compliant where necessary. Encryption and secure servers are used where appropriate. We are also registered with the ICO for compliance.


WiFi doesn’t scale well unless you use the right equipment with the expertise to back it up. We have consistently deployed large-scale networks for 20,000+ visitors across 70+ hectare sites. We have unique relationships with ISPs, underpinning our ability to provide reliable short term, high-speed internet.


Monetise your WiFi. Paid guest WiFi is an excellent way to boost revenue. We can also handle exhibitor bookings, helping to ensure you recoup your costs – and make a profit.


Facebook Check-in for WiFi and Tweet for the internet can all be deployed on our networks, meaning visitors must check in to your event. This appears on their social feed, increasing your event’s visibility.

Superior Event WiFi

Often overlooked until near the date of the show, reliable WiFi internet can be the difference between an event’s success or failure. With so many other services reliant on the event WiFi service, including event ticketing and event PDQ machines, you really do make money from it! attend2IT have provided WiFi from Singapore to the USA and from Edinburgh to Southampton. We’ve provided a faultless service, every time.

Reliable WiFi

Because WiFi is crucial to the success of a modern event, we ensure that everything is backed up. We work with our clients to find a happy medium between aesthetics and performance of the equipment we use – and where it is deployed. We believe it is important to start the discussion as early as possible. For instance, if we need to pull a temporary leased line to a site, it can take three months. We have ways of speeding this up, but it will increase your costs. We can also provide services on a next-day basis if required, however, the earlier you talk to us about your event WiFi the cheaper and better our offering will be.

Friendly WiFi

For our guest networks we can offer Certified Friendly WiFi networks.  This ensures that your visitors stay safe while browsing the internet.  You can also blacklist and whitelist individual sites and site categories.

In the case where a site is not categorised we can choose to allow it or to block it and have it categorised on the fly.

Event WiFi Case Study

Southampton Boat Show

Providing WiFi, Phones and connectivity for all visitors, exhibitors and production staff across the whole site.

  • 40 Acre Site
  • 10 Day Event
  • 110,000+ Visitors
  • 550+ Exhibitors
  • 850 concurrent devices
  • 10,820 unique devices
  • 35 VoIP Phones
  • 500Mbps Peak Usage

“On behalf of British Marine Boat Shows we would sincerely like to thank you and all of your team for your efforts at this year’s show. Without the planning, hard work and dedication from you and your team, we would not have been able to deliver the hugely successful show that we did ”

Michelle Cunningham