Event Wi-Fi

Temporary Event Wifi  solutions!

The biggest difficulty can be connecting to the site. Depending on your event’s needs, budget, and timing, we have a wide range of options available.

Leased Lines

If we have the installation time and money, we use leased line fibre for 10Gbps and 1Gbps connections.
Depending on the situation and the available time, we might use a wireless connection to one of our closest POPs (Point of Presence). For connections ranging from 500Mb/s to 5Gbps, this can offer a speedy turnaround.
We have a large stock of Tooway and Starlink satellites. These provide leased services with high availability at lower prices. Starlink also delivers a significant reduction in connection latency, and both systems are easily deployable almost everywhere.
Not always suitable for the larger festivals, but still a strong solution.  We are Celerway resellers and they provide the most reliable connection and fastest speeds by load balancing across multiple networks.  We have a large stock of roaming sims that work regardless of which country you are in.

We have innovative, cost-effective, and most importantly reliable solutions to physically connect your remote field site to the internet, as well as the event IT expertise to manage a full-scale comercial event.

In contrast to conventional installations, event WiFi is extremely different. Absolute deadlines apply, and any downtime is measured in seconds rather than hours. The expertise of attend2IT will enable the implementation of a flawless event. You can be sure that your event IT will run without a hitch since ticket gates and PDQ machines are being backed up at every feasible step and because essential services are being watched by our onsite crew every second that the event is open. For individuals who have particularly specific needs, we can also offer bespoke event IT.

Entrance gate solutions – from prepaid e-ticket purchasing through to gate scanning and sales, while maintaining high foot flow rates, keeping your revenue stream high and visitor waiting time low.
We provide event Apps to supplement our current deployment. We can add free WiFi for app users, location-based directions, exhibitor lists, and traffic data to our app for iPhone and Android.
We provide a solution if you need to accept payments at trade stands or at your gates. Along with their Wi-Fi purchase, exhibitors can also reserve these services. We provide ‘real WiFi’ Event PDQ machines that are quick and dependable for high-volume, quick transactions.

Given how important CCTV is to the events sector, it may be expensive. However, when combined with our infrastructure, you may significantly reduce your costs. We can ensure that you get a comprehensive solution at a reasonable price by utilising what is already present.

Meet Marvin

Developed in-house Marvin is our AI Bot that helps our teams on site.
From taking exhibitors bookings and e-mailing them their passwords to managing the kit we deploy onsite Marvin is by our side.

Organisers also receive a log in so they can add exhibitors or contractor Wi-Fi credentials, check on progress or status of the network and access other supplied services such as ticketing, scanning, people counting or CCTV.

Onsite Solutions

Get paid while we provide you with your WiFi. Through our pre-event portal, your exhibitors can book their Event Wi-Fi requirements in detail, with our experienced team on hand to advise. We can take payment, or work alongside your existing solution. .

Should you require payment at your trade stands, we have a solution. Exhibitors can book these services alongside their Wi-Fi order. We offer fast, reliable ‘true WiFi’ Event PDQ machines for fast, high-volume transactions.
Your own Organiser Portal puts you in control, allowing you to see all of our provided services – including which exhibitors have booked WiFi, and many people are on site – and where. Updates from on-site weather stations are also shown here.

Giving you valuable insight in real-time as to your audience’s location, dwell times and visit frequency at locations around the site. We’ll also compile this data for you in a comprehensive analysis post-event.
We understand that as an event organiser or trader you’re very busy, so let us take the helm . We offer out of office hours telephone and On-site support to accommodate this.

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