Secret Garden Party

Secret Garden party 

We provided Production, Artists, Ticketing and Guest Wi-Fi requirements using WPA2 Enterprise.
Traders booking is through our pre-event portal, taking any administrative time away from the organiser and allowing the exhibitors access to expert help from the moment of booking.
Leased Line WISP, backed up with a FTTP and multiple satellite connections.
Grange Farm, Huntingdon

‘Attend2IT were instrumental in providing Secret Garden Party with high quality internet connectivity for over 3000 users across a massive geographic area. The networks were planned in minute detail and installed to a first class standard. They designed a system that was robust and resilient enough to cope with the demand of our users, whilst ensuring our payment and event control systems were always prioritised. They were a pleasure to work with and we don’t hesitate to recommend them.’

Laurence Mulchrone

The Festival

The Secret Garden Party is known for its unique and immersive experience, combining music, art installations, theatrical performances, and a variety of interactive activities. The festival aims to build a creative and inclusive atmosphere where attendees can escape from the ordinary and engage with their surroundings in imaginative ways.

Our Solution

2023 was our first year at SGP. We provided Wi-Fi and networking across the entire festival site, over a 6 week period. Reliability was key, as there is no permanent infrastructure on site. We provided a wireless leased line for guaranteed bandwidth and backed this up with a local FTTP and multiple satellites. It was key to the organisers that the traders network was reliable, as previously their bars had experienced costly issues taking payments. To ensure the highest possible up time, we worked with the site team to fly all cable connections on site. The additional work paid off with 0 cable breaks over the event.


The site needed to cater for up to 3000 concurrent users, so a robust solution and access control was essential. Instead of a traditional SSID and password, which can easily be abused and flood the network, we used 802.1x (WPA2 Enterprise). In conjunction with our proprietary organiser dashboard, this give every user an individual login and password, with a limit on the number of devices they could connect.

Organisers Dashboard

Our organisers dash gave the event team the ability to have complete control over access to the wireless networks on site, as well as real-time updates on trader Wi-Fi bookings. This allowed them to add or remove access to users at any time, control how many devices each could have and what network they were on, all without the need to contact our team on site or the NOC.

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