Silent Auction Texting

Attend2IT’s Silent Auction

Paper bidding slips and frantic waving have been replaced with a simple and discreet software which creates tension and can be run independently with minimal cost.

Silent auction texting allows

  • An increase of up to 100% in revenue
  • A fun new experience for your guests
  • Allow guests to donate or pledge (bag of air lots)
  • Keep costs down by running the auction yourself

And it can all be managed by you

  • No software to install
  • No Expensive Keypads to hire
  • Runs on a browser, if you can use the web you can run the auction
  • Technicians available on request

“The silent auction has brought auctioning into the 21st Century, Simple, flexible and cost effective it gives your guests the opportunity to bid, win and pay without leaving their chair.

We offer silent auction software services, as well as being able to provide the AV equipment to display your auction, provide an internet connection anywhere to run your event and provide technicians to help things run smoothly. Whatever you need, we’re here.” – Helen and Heather

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