Event CCTV

In the ever-evolving landscape of the events sector, the importance of CCTV has grown significantly. While it can be perceived as a potentially expensive necessity, integrating it with our existing infrastructure (WiFi, Ticketing, or Event Apps) presents a cost-effective solution. Leveraging what’s already in place ensures a comprehensive and efficient system without breaking the bank.

Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology takes security to the next level by automatically validating MOT, checking registration dates, and cross-referencing colors with government databases. This not only enhances onsite vehicle security but also facilitates functions like vehicle tracking and parking charges, seamlessly integrated with our ticketing platform and organisers’ portal.

Accessing side-wide CCTV images from anywhere, both on and off-site, showcases the adaptability of our solutions. The deployed infrastructure provides a truly flexible and robust system, offering you peace of mind and optimal functionality.


Comprehensive Event CCTV and Security Management Systems

We offer a professional HikCentral security management software package alongside our hardware. Coupled with our Hikvision certified technicians, we can offer a comprehensive security package. Allowing real time reporting and camera access at events across multiple events on multiple devices, with email alerts.

Our ANPR technology can also recognise ‘friendly’ vehicles, allowing event traffic to pass through checkpoints uninhibited. It can also be configured to send an alarm on recognition of a vehicle. So if you have a list of prohibited vehicles security are notified immediately of their presence

Service Partner

As a HikVision Value Added Service Partner, our rental offering stands out for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, our status as VASP provides us with exclusive access to HikVision’s robust support network. This enables us to offer the latest and most advanced equipment for your rental needs, ensuring high performance and reliability. Additionally, our team undergoes specialized training from HikVision, equipping us with in-depth knowledge on the best practices for deployment and optimization of their solutions.

This expertise, coupled with our direct access to HikVision’s support resources, allows us to deliver a rental offering that is not only technologically superior but also backed by a level of service and proficiency that sets us apart in meeting your event requirements.

Body Cameras allow your staff to record 24/7 or just when they need to at the press of a button

  • 12 Hour battery life
  • Uses Wi-Fi and 4G
  • Records locally if networks unavailable
  • Panic Button to alert ELT of urgent issues
  • Footage can be played live or historically on your smart wall
  • Robust and waterproof

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