Scanning  Systems!

Using the latest in mobile scanning technology we are able to rapidly admit your customers to an event. We are event able to admit attendees should they have forgotten or misplaced their tickets. All our scanners are wifi and 5G compatible.
With real time synching between all scanners and location specific ticket types we can prevent copied tickets being used at the same time.
Our scanning system can work offline if the event Wi-Fi fails. With all the tickets being stored on the scanners they will continue to work without a connection and resynch once they reconnect.

Ticketing Printing  Systems!

Our thermal printers are fast and reliable. Able to continuously print and cut tickets on demand, they won’t slow down the registration process.
With our printers you can design the ticket themselves as well as the information being printed. Wither you want a customers name, a unique barcode or any other information, we can customise the tickets to your liking.

Reporting  Systems!

With real time analytics on the day of the event you can keep track of how many tickets have been scanned, how many are left to be scanned and many more reports.
Once a ticket has been scanned its location and time it scanned will be saved. This data can be used to prevent ticket fraud attempts and help only legitimate customers get into the even

The Support  That We Provide 

Supporting you throughout your journey with us is at the core of our business. Because of this, a committed project manager will be by your side at every turn. We'll be right there by your side on that particular day. As an event planner, we recognise how busy you are. Let us take the reins at your entrance, and our team of business specialists will handle the rest. Additionally, your end customers will have the option to email you, or for the managed and customised solutions, we'll take care of that for you as well.

With 50,000 Guests arriving all at the same time as the parade finishes the scanning element is quite complex. Our large fleet of high end scanners where scanning over 6 tickets a second at peak times.

Our scanning solution is written completely in-house for use on the Zebra TC25+ scanner. This allows us to run on WiFi or SIM cards when appropriate. Fraud prevention and speed are key, the scanners are all linked to stop duplicate tickets being used at different gates and the hardware used is top end to allow for quick scanning of even the most damaged of tickets.

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