Brighton Pride

The UK’s Biggest LGBTQ Pride Festival

Pride Wireless Link
Pride Wireless Link

Described by The Guardian as “the country’s most popular LGBT event,” the Brighton Pride Festival is a vibrant celebration of all that is wonderful about Brighton & Hove’s diverse community, with visitors from across the globe enjoying its spectacular celebrations.

attend2IT offer a range of services at the event which has now become a regular part of our calender.

The Event is split across multiple sites. Old Steine offers 2 all night parties as well as a large Box office where you can exchange your tickets and resolve any queries with your ticket.

Pride in the Park festival on Preston Park is a glittering and truly inclusive community celebration that delivers an unforgettable day of Pride.  Followed by LoveBN1Fest  which celebrates everything Brighton and Hove and brings all our communities and Rainbow families together for an afternoon of fun on the park.


With 50,000 Guests arriving all at the same time as the parade finishes the scanning element is quite complex. Our large fleet of high end scanners where scanning over 3 tickets a second at peak times.

Our scanning solution is written completely in-house for use on the Zebra TC25+ scanner. This allows us to run on WiFi or SIM cards when appropriate. Fraud prevention and speed are key, the scanners are all linked to stop duplicate tickets being used at different gates and the hardware used is top end to allow for quick scanning of even the most damaged of tickets.

We offer full technical support with a small army of attend2IT staff who work along side Pride’s gate managers and their team. Integrating with Prides sales system we handle the fraud prevention, lost ticket look up and live scan count.

attend2IT Ticket Scanning


With numerous bars, brand activations and production requirements there is also a large WiFi team onsite. We provide coverage across the site and prioritise the network according to need and importance. We also provide WiFi to the scanners to ensure duplicate tickets cannot be used across multiple gates.

Three 100Mbps leased lines are deployed in Preston Park and Old Steine where the ticket exchange takes place. There was also Basic MPLS set up between the sites to make CCTV routing easier.

Over 100 Access points are deployed and centrally managed. Our proprietary system monitoring and setup system we have built in-house allows for a quick deployment and minimal downtime.


We also provide full CCTV coverage at Preston Park and queue monitoring at Old Steine. This service is monitored by key personnel and also integrated into the Brighton Police system so they can monitor the whole event from the local station.

The system is live from the moment the build starts with extra cameras coming online as and when power reaches them. This allows the organiser team to monitor the event for a H&S and kit security point of view as the build progresses.

Having changed to Attend 2 It in 2018 we increased our requirements for wifi, CCTV and ticket scanning for 2019 and have been really pleased with the results. The team are easy to work with pre-event, taking the time to talk through what we need and don’t confuse you with technical jargon. The delivery on site meant we had a smooth process at the gates, all our teams had dedicated wifi across all our event spaces – not easy in a city centre. We’re looking forward to working with them and developing the service for 2020. 

Becky Stevens – Brighton & Hove Pride
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