Speaker Timer


Speaker timer is a free service offered to presenters at events that allows you to see how long left you have to speak, and when you need to start wrapping things up.

It’s as simple as picking a room code from 000-999 as an organiser on your laptop. And logging into the same room on your presenters display. Then you will be able to set the speech length, and wrap up times. And the presenter will be able to see a clear clock interface.

The software also includes handy features such as displaying messages to the presenter, or counting up if you just want to know how long their speech was.

If you would like special room codes with increased lengths and mixed characters to ensure security or an SLA, Don’t hesitate to contact us Prices start from £60 + VAT.


The free service is just that.  If you end up using it a lot then please feel free to send us some money using the link below so we can spend more time on updating the project.

To access the program please go to speakertimer.co.uk


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