Cereals App

Cereals is a large agricultural exhibition spread over a 67 hectare site, featuring more than 500 exhibitors and drawing more than 25,000 visitors per year. We were commissioned to create an app which would make navigating and booking easy for visitors before and during the event.


Navigation of the large site becomes a breeze with our interactive map of the event.  GPS location data from the users device updates their location in real time to within a 5 meter radius.  We created a custom map tile set from the cereals site plan which provides users with high-resolution, readable labels and details at any zoom level.

Exhibitor List

The exhibitor list features full text search of company names, descriptions and locations which allows users to find exhibitors they would like to visit in seconds.  These exhibitors can be added to a personal favourite list and subsequently marked as ‘Visited’.  The Exhibitors themselves can purchase premium listings to enhance their list presence as well as edit the information shown in the app.

Event Booking

Cereals offers a large number of seminars and talks on a wide range of subjects. Users can search a large list of these events to view descriptions, start times and locations before adding them to a personal schedule. Users also have the option of scheduling a reminder for the event on their phone which will alert them 30 minutes before the e vent starts.

  • 67 Hectare Site
  • 2 Day Event
  • 25,000 Visitors
  • 500 Exhibitors
  • 650 Concurrent Devices
  • PDQ Machines
  • CCTV Cameras
  • 2TB of Data Used
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