Satellite Internet

Event Vans – Satellite Uplink

attend2IT offers a complete streaming and internet solution. With a leased 10Mbps upload speed you can be assured of a reliable connection capable of streaming Full High Definition video.

  • 10Mbps Upload/10Mbps Download
  • Leased Service
  • Automated 3 minute deployment

Ideal For:

  • Quick setup
  • Broadcast and streaming Video
  • Video Conference

Flyaway Satellite Systems

If space is limited or speed is not a requirement, we have standalone satellite systems from each of the 3 major KA IP satellites in Europe, through multiple providers. This makes these satellites ideal for placement on rooftops, on containers or on the ground, and where redundancy is essential.

Satellite Internet Case Study

Meadowhall Christmas light switch on

WiFi in a car park with no other internet access.  Deployed 24 hours from initial phone call satellite was the only option!