EventCaster Exhibitions


Fast to set up, with built in registration, lead capture and smart networking features, Eventcaster has all the features you need to hold a successful Virtual or Hybrid Exhibition.

Exhibitor Portal

Exhibitors are registered to the platform and given access to our exhibitor portal. Here they can set up their exhibition space. Adding company details, social links, document downloads and promotional videos, as well as the opportunity to showcase exhibition offers.

Exhibitor, Delegate & B2B Chat

Get them talking, we can offer group chat, based on the room the users are in.  Alternatively this can be grouped by department, area or just 1:1 – its your choice

Lead Generation

We know your delegates might not have the time to chat to exhibitors or may not even want to. That’s why we have made lead generation quick and easy with a contact share link on each exhibitor page and live access to leads for exhibitors.


We rarely have everything a client requires.  If you have a favourite program you want to use (or have to use for compliance) then we can API with it. We might even be able to write something similar to keep your delegates on your site.

Its your show and we are here to support it, let us know what you need and we can make it happen.

A Virtual walk though of one of our shows

In October of 2020 we provided Eventcaster Exhibitions to Agri Insider for their Virtual National Dairy Show. Over 1600 registrations were received, with the event held across 2 evenings, with a main plenary session showing live and pre recorded content and 44 exhibitors and sponsors. Take a brief tour of the show and get a feel for what Eventcaster Exhibitions could do for your virtual event.

Other Functions

Eventcaster Tables & 1:1

Useful for breakouts and coffee breaks we offer group discussions.  With tables from 2-16 video participants plus their content (we can stream to 10,000+ viewer only) we can offer a variety of solutions. Randomised, pre-booked, pre-assigned, unlimited, against the clock or a mixture of all.  Each call is secure with no chance of a table  being video bombed.  We can currently support 750+ tables at a time, so that’s over 12,000 delegates who can get together and talk.

Plenary & Breakout Spaces

Keep your delegates engaged in live streamed or pre recorded plenary and breakout sessions. With interactivity and gamification your delegates remain focussed and you can hold multiple scheduled sessions throughout an event, with personalised delegate and exhibitor schedules.

EventCaster Low Latency

All our large streams are done with 5-6 seconds end to end latency. Latency is the time taken from the words coming out of the presenters mouth to get to the listeners ears. It is one of the areas that is often overlooked in streaming.

Imagine you have interactive content, a vote or poll if your presenter asks the question and then has to wait 30 seconds for the results to start to come in. You are going to need lower latency otherwise your event is going to become very stagnated. Learn more here.

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