Eventcaster Networking

Virtual Networking

Our bespoke, in house developed software goes further than traditional platforms by incorporating one of the biggest assets to successful business: networking. Whether its gaining new clients, or finding new service providers, it is without a doubt, that the opportunity to meet new people must not be overlooked, especially as move through these unprecedented times, restructuring to keep our businesses alive. With Eventcaster Networking, we can host entire virtual tables, of scalable size, from a small intimate gathering to large corporate events.

With a completley bespoke solution, there are no limitations on the virtual ‘layout’ of the event. Attendees can discover and learn about new opportunities in multiple virtual spaces of varying size, as well as pursue new ventures themselves within their own space with other attendees of their choosing, be it just one other individual or half of the event!

Virtual Tables

We can host up to 16 video streams and 230 audio streams into one fully customised table. We can host over 500 concurrent tables to cater for the largest events.  That;s over 9000 low latency video participants at the same time!  Used with our Eventcaster Broadcaster (where we can stream to over 1 million viewers) this is perfect for breakout tables, networking rooms or somewhere for people to chat in the plenary breaks.

Virtual 1:1

Perfect for sponsors, interviews, speeds dates or just a private face-face chat our 1:1s are secure, private and easy to use.  Participants can pre-book or be placed randomly with another delegate for a timed or un-timed chat, they can even share their screens if required.  Just let us know your brief and we will do the rest.

Polls, Votes and chats

Take feedback from the team, add ad-hoc questions in double quick time and show the results to everybody (or keep them to yourself if you wish!). Word clouds, weighted voting, charts etc.  it can all be done, just let us know what you need.

We also offer a table chat service so that everyone can share ideas, links and any other information required, this can be downloaded after the event if required.